Drift Collection for Council

The Drift Collection, debuting for the first time at ICFF during NYCxDesign this year, is a celebration of material and form. Designed by Branch and manufactured by Council, the three pieces are warm and inviting enough to live in the home, while also practical enough to be perfect for office environments. Defined by its iconic joinery and Inspired by the inviting natural forms of drift wood, the new line represents the finest in Californian design and manufacturing.

The Drift Collection, made up of a bar stool occasional stool/side table and coffee table, takes a unique approach to standard pieces. The rounded forms of each piece come together seamlessly, lightly kissing at the connection point. The lightness of this connection is a feat of manufacturing, and adds an element of mystery and surprise for the viewer. This joinery of forms makes the design all at once familiar and new, creating a fresh interpretation of old classics.

“The surprising and innovative element of the design is really in where the components of the furniture come together,” said Josh Morenstein, Branch co-founder. “Rather than a conventional intersection of wood parts, Drift is composed of familiar elements that are ‘magically’ held together.”

The design also makes the pieces versatile and flexible, with color options that appeal to a wide variety of spaces. They can live easily in the home, with the warm wood contrasted by crisp metal making them perfect for any room. The pieces also work seamlessly in work settings, where their practicality and form can be used throughout the space. Whether as heroes of the space or supporting pieces, the Drift Collection speaks to a refined aesthetic, while also having mass appeal.

“We both love the feel of driftwood that can be found washed up on the beaches of our Northern California homes: large pieces of wood softened by the ocean and time,” said Branch co-founder Nick Cronan. “The Drift collection marries beautiful and quality materials with honest design and manufacturing processes to create an approachable yet luxury line.”

Inspired by Derek’s bespoke approach to projects, Josh and Nick approached Council about working together. Both prominent members of San Francisco’s creative community, the partnership was a natural culmination of similar philosophies, namely that modern design can be accessible and timeless. Sourced and made completely in San Francisco, the pieces are comprised of Ash wood and powder-coated steel. As a limited edition option, Branch fabricated bronze accents at their San Francisco based foundry.