SuperPods for Plume


The second generation of Plume pods - Adaptive WiFi that fills every inch of your home with the strongest signal possible.

Plume SuperPods build on the successful design language of the original Plume Pod designs, retaining iconic signature details while evolving the form to accommodate more powerful components. Adaptive WiFi means that Plume is always learning about how you use Wi-Fi in your home, so it can allocate more capacity to the devices that need it most.

The back side of the SuperPod sports a completely redesigned enclosure with discreet venting to match the souped-up internals. The addition of an extra ethernet port allows even more flexibility in setting up a Supercharged home WiFi network.

By leveraging the faceted hexagonal face Branch designed in the original Pod we were able to ensure continuity and support the brand identity.

A lot of power packed into a tiny package - the Plume Pod and SuperPod are the result of close collaboration between design and engineering. By working closely with the engineering team and optimizing the internal components to fit within the industrial design, we were able to deliver a product that stays true to the design intent and the technologial promise of the advanced engineering involved.