Industrial Design


Peace of Mind for the elderly, their family and caregivers. 

One of life’s simple pleasures is having Peace of Mind; often this is earned through life experience and the perspective that comes with age. The elderly should be free to enjoy their golden years filled with happiness, comfort, and independence. 


Designed to be worn constantly, Aifloo's minimal bracelet continuously monitors the wearer's micro-movements and when needed, informs the appropriate members in their support network that there might be a potential cause for concern. The sophisticated artificial intelligence learns behavior and recognizes patterns that can identify potential problems before they occur it. As the primary device is constantly worn on the wrist, size and comfort are of the utmost importance. The waterproof elastomeric bracelet is designed to be comfortable, minimal and lightweight. The colors, materials, and finishes are inspired from apparel in order to avoid the stigma of feeling inherently medical. It is a reminder of one's freedom and independence, not of their vulnerability

With our Aifloo, people can now live their lives knowing that if anything were to go wrong, someone would be there to help.