industrial design

Frame by Depict

You have never seen digital work framed this beautifully


Depict came to Branch to design an elegant solution to digital art in the home: a frame that could be worthy of the art it displays.  The 4K display is so clear that you won't think about pixels because your eye won't be able to see them; the frame itself is so elegant you won’t think it’s housing a digital display.

Handcrafted from American maple, the matte border and display eliminate reflection, and its proportions and treatments are inspired from traditional framing techniques that draw the eye in to focus on the work.

Digital Art is a beautiful and technical form of expression, and never before has it been given a proper means of display; Depict makes it possible for beautiful digital work to be displayed beautifully.

Every home and collection are different, and Frame needed to be versatile. With beautiful innovation, Frame rotates smoothly between horizontal and vertical orientations so you can effortlessly switch between portrait and landscape modes as your space and artwork dictate. It also accommodates a vertical and horizontal stand for
non-wall-mounted applications.

In order to maximize a minimal and elegant front-end experience, we saw a unique opportunity to design the back of the frame in the smartest and most efficient way possible.  The mechanism that allows Frame to rotate also provides necessary ventiation, and the groove along the back edge of the frame doubles as cord management. Each of these considerations allows the viewer to focus on what’s important:
the quality of the work on display.