industrial design, branding, packaging design

Plugged Crown

This is the Crown over-ear headphone. We’ve distilled the experience of wearing an over ear headphone down to what’s most essential.  At every opportunity, we’ve removed unnecessary details and clutter to allow the user  to focus on the music.

With the Crown headphone line, Plugged partnered Branch to create a truly remarkable product that distinguishes itself in the market functionally, aesthetically, and economically.

We recognized that headphones act as both a functional object and lifestyle accessory. Looking at how materials, details, forms, and finishes come together, we created combinations that are critical to the branding experience. For example, the white pair is complimented by warm rose gold metallic accents, while black is paired with an inviting gold. These premium touches can be found on the branding, headphone jacks, and extensions, providing a subtle nod that lifts Crown from simply being a pair of headphones to a true lifestyle and fashion accessory.

Our approach to packaging was equally considered. We did away with excessive waste, and instead created a curated unboxing experience that felt worthy of a handmade garment; bespoke, special, and fully focused on the product within. The entire packaging is completely recyclable; what remains is the product, cable, and a tailored canvas case.