Industrial Design

Airplane Mode for Wallpaper

Designed to contain a mobile phone, it's owner can temporarily focus on the more tactile things in life. Airplane Mode adds a ceremonial aspect to this experience of disconnecting, elevating it to a ritual.

One of the greatest luxuries of being 35,000 feet in the air is the lack of mobile signal. The constant harassment of calls, texts and emails comes to a halt, replaced by uninterrupted personal time. With our Airplane Mode vessel, this experience is now available at any altitude. Our prototype was first shown at Holy Handmade, an exhibition organised by design and lifestyle magazine Wallpaper* for this year's Milan Design Week.

Once placed in Airplane Mode, the mobile device is shielded from phone and wi-fi signals, and its sounds muffled so as to avoid distracting its owner from offline experiences.
The interior is large enough to accommodate several devices, making it a fine addition to any shared social space. Airplane Mode is an elegant antidote to device addiction. It adds a ceremonial aspect to the experience of disconnecting, making it a ritual
to remember and savor.

A collaboration with Californian concrete purveyor Concreteworks, Airplane Mode is cast from the highest grade material, with a rounded form and rough-hewn exterior reminiscent of a natural stone. The lid gently slides out to reveal a polished interior, padded in supple, vegetable tanned leather to offer textural contrast and protection for stowed-away devices.