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Have fun with plants

WallyGro is the original creator of the best green wall planters in the world! Their modular, breathable, vertical garden planters are exactly what you need to have fun with plants. They will help you quickly and easily create lush green walls and magnificent vertical gardens on any indoor or outdoor wall, fence or railing. Use one or multiple planters together to design living walls of any shape or size.

Made in California from 100% recycled milk jugs (HDPE)

WallyGros unique technology creates the perfect combination of oxygen and water, resulting in an ideal growth condition for indoor and outdoor plants. This ideal condition benefits the growth of healthy beneficial microorganisms and prevents the growth of harmful toxins. The integrated water reservoir holds approximately one liter of water that keeps plants watered for up to two weeks (depending on climate and species). The basin functions as a water conserving reservoir that allows roots to drink from the bottom while breathing through the front and sides. Best of all, everything you need to
get started is included.

Not only are greenwalls fantastic to look at, they are the perfect canvas for healthy air cleaning plants that convert harmful particulates and carbon dioxide into oxygen. 

Our greenwall has dramatically improved the air in the studio.

The overall proportions are designed to accommodate two 1-gallon plants; this allows for a wide range of plant combinations, it’s also a manageable weight for
people to easily rearrange. 

Greenwalls often require a large density of plants to create the dramatic effect people are looking for, so it was critical to reduce overall volume of the individual planters while increasing their ability to ship and stack in the most compact way possible. Our solution to create a deployable reservoir allows the planters to nest and stack in shipping and retail. This dramatically reduces the cost per unit and increases the efficiency of the system,  encouraging people to buy more planters and create larger WallyGro living walls. 

With WallyGro, anyone can be a greenthumb.