January 6, 2023

We are thrilled to unveil HAPTA, a groundbreaking lipstick applicator developed in partnership with L'Oreal that leverages cutting edge adaptive technology developed by Verily. HAPTA is a handheld device that offers ultra-precise, real-time adjustments that adapt to a user's movements, making makeup application a possibility for those with movement disorders. Bringing this innovative technology into a new category empowers people to apply makeup using their own hands. 

HAPTA takes aesthetic cues from the world of beauty and cosmetics, while incorporating an incredibly sophisticated and compact series of motors, accelerometers and gyroscopes in order to bring stability to the applicator. Thoughtful attention to surfacing, textures, and an integrated hand strap ensure the device is designed with accessibility in mind. Careful use of colors, materials and finishes create a product that feels elevated and at home in the beauty world, rather than the typical functional but unsophisticated solutions traditionally offered.

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