Branch offers industrial design and brand consulting for those with purpose. We consider every last detail to create designs with intent.


At Branch, we design with intention. Not only do we deeply consider every aspect of a project, but we create products that have a positive and lasting impact on people and the world around them. Our thoughtful process ensures products are beautifully and deliberately designed, engineered, manufactured, packaged, and branded. We believe in being hands-on, utilizing sketches, models, and prototypes every step of the way. In everything we create, from furniture to electronics, we design by doing.

This approach has led us to work with everyone from Fortune 500s to start-ups. With over 30 years of combined professional experience, we’ve led some of the most accomplished design teams in the world and developed groundbreaking products. Let’s design something great together.


  • Josh Morenstein, Founder, Read Bio

  • Scott Ross, Design Director

  • MJ Park, Senior Designer

  • Ben Hoffman, Senior Designer

  • Caleb Gess, Industrial Designer

  • Matthieu Muller, Industrial Designer

Selected Press

Selected Awards

  • Red Dot – Fellow Ode Grinder

  • Red Dot – Nextbit Robin

  • IDSA Gold – Nextbit Robin

  • IDSA Silver – Bird Two

  • IDSA Silver - Fellow Ode Grinder

  • IDSA Bronze – Hoop Monitor

  • IDSA Bronze – Kodak Camera

  • Milk Decoration – Superpods

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