Airplane Mode

Created for Wallpaper Magazines 2017 Handmade Exhibition, Branch was asked to interpret the theme of ‘Ritual’. We chose to partner with Bay Area concrete specialists Concreteworks partially because their medium, concrete, is so substantial and has such permanence... Much like our ritualistic behaviors.

Airplane Mode forces the owner to ‘switch off’ and instead focus on the more tactile and immediately present things in life. Airplane Mode adds a ceremonial aspect to this experience of disconnect-ing, thus elevating it to a new ritual. The case is cast from high-grade concrete by Concreteworks, shielding its contents from Wi-Fi and phone signals. Meanwhile, the rough-hewn exterior is left unpolished to evoke natural stone and a padded leather interior creates a textural contrast and a sense of refinement.

Airplane Mode is now availble for purchase at Manos