Ghidini 1961

Dusk Dawn

Dusk Dawn a result of our first collaboration with Ghidini 1961, a small Italian producer of high-end furniture located east of Milan. The goal of this project was to create a lamp that was as intriguing when it was off as it was functional when on.

At first glance Dusk Dawn is composed and defined by the intersection of two primary forms: a cone and a sphere. Because of the lamps unified brass finish, these two intersecting shapes appear as a single, solid object. However, when the lamp is illuminated, the shade ‘falls away’ and reveals that the cone is, in fact, intersecting the sphere, which we instinctively expect when we see two shapes fused in this way.

Ghidini 1961’s brand is rooted in the crafting of brass, and we were excited to put a modern spin om this traditional material. When we began to play with the metalized glass, we realized we could create an unexpected transformation: from solid to translucent.