Vital came to Branch with an ambitious idea, a basic chassis and an urgent need to generate content for investors. Over the course of two years and many iterations we were able to create everything from early concept renders for pitch decks all the way through the first generation VitalOne machine.

The VitalOne is designed to deliver comprehensive lab results in minutes with a small sample of blood. This is the beginning of a new era of realtime care. Painless, comprehensive, lab-grade results in minutes—everywhere patients are. That’s the future Vital Bio has envisioned. A future where patients and their healthcare providers drive intervention in the moments that matter most. 

Every detail of the VitalOne is designed considering all the nuances and constraints of a typical practice. From the small form factor to a large intuitive touch-screen display, the VitalOne is designed for a seamless user experience. Vital’s consumables put the power of a central lab in the palm of your hand. The cutting-edge centrifugal microfluidic disk enables things never before possible at point-of-care.